The best retro inspired scooter around....The New Banwood Scooter in Australia

The best retro inspired scooter around....The New Banwood Scooter in Australia

Honestly! What did we do before scooters? Speedy, compact and fun, they’re now a wildly popular mode of transport for adults and kids alike – and for toddlers they are a dream toy, allowing energetic little ones to travel with the speed and independence they crave.

The best retro inspired scooter around....The New Banwood

We parents adore - what better way than to get them to little school a little quicker! Best motivation. Scooters occupy a child for hours, build motor skills, coordination and balance, and slash journey times without having to resort to a pram. Gets those little legs on the move. Little wonder that scooters are consistently one of the most requested and purchased toys of the year.   

If you’re not sure if your toddler will take to scootering, it can be tempting to start off with a cheaper model – being a mum to a toddler, I’d advise against this. The cheapest scooters for kids tended to be clunky, rickety and heavy – which you’ll seriously regret when you’re carrying it home with your toddler on the other arm...and I have had to do that a number of times.

We adore Banwood Scooters. New to Australia - super cute, available in so many colours and best of all matching helmets.

Retro, vintage inspired and beautifully made. Comes with the basket as well for all those little softies, sticks and rocks kids like to cart around.

Packed full of features and state of the art technology, the unique angle control system regulates the front wheels which facilitates turning and navigation, making steering a breeze!

The T-handlebar can be gradually adjusted to grow with your little one whilst the rubber grips provide a firm hold.  The deck is lined with grip tape to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Teaching little one's to ride can help develop coordination, balance, and fine motor skills, as well as increase self esteem. 

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