Open-ended Play: What is it and why is it so awesome!?

Open-ended Play: What is it and why is it so awesome!?

Open-ended Play: What is it and why so awesome!?Open-ended Play: What is it and why so awesome!?Open-ended Play: What is it and why so awesome!?


Today, it’s no longer just about picking up any old toy and throwing it your child’s way. There is a plethora of toys that line our shelves, but which ones are great investments that are actually going to leave a lasting impact on your child’s development? Read on to find out just how great  the world of open-ended toys are and why you need them in your life… stat!

Hi Friends, It’s time for a shining star moment.

If you are reading this today, then you have hit the jackpot because you are about to understand all the amazing benefits that open-ended toys will provide your little (and not so little) one.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE play advocate with a total weakness for wooden toys. Yes, they look glorious on the shelf #weallloveashelfie but the teacher in me totally gets that these toys are doing more than just looking good. They are going to spark imagination and learning in an ever evolving and continuous way. What does that mean? What I am saying is that this one, really good-looking, heirloom quality and environmentally friendly toy is offering your child a world of possibilities and the reason is because open-ended toys do not TELL your child to play this way or that; an open-ended toy allows your child to use their problem solving skills to DECIDE the way to play. And even better, the next time they play with this toy could more than likely be in a completely different way – and that kind of holistic play is truly special.

“Play is the work of the child.”  – – Maria Montessori

How many times have you caught yourself telling your child to “Do as you are told!”? While listening to us adults is important (I know I am always right!) we are not wishing to turn our children into beings who cannot think for themselves. The lesser counterpart to open-ended toys tells your child to do exactly this.

“Press this button.” “Repeat what I say.” “Play with me just like this.” #robotchild #nothanks #byefelicia

Researching is screaming its proof at us that open-ended play is hugely important for children’s brain development. And while it is tempting to grab a brightly coloured, plastic toy off the shelf remember that by doing this you are encouraging your child to act out the one style of play over and over (which they could be totally happy with!), but when we buy our children open-ended toys we teach them resilience, the joy of engaging creatively, the ability to focus for longer periods of time, how to be flexible and spontaneous and these kinds of skills develop competent, capable adults #score

“Not all toys are created equal”

So now we know that not all toys are made the same

Mumma, it is time to get out there and start looking for toys that can be played with in many ways.

Let’s encourage the free-spirit within your child and nurture their imagination. Let’s get them excited to play and watch as they learn and grow and spread their happiness to all those around them.

I think we can all agree that open-ended toys #rock!

Is that a bird, a plane, a death-defying astronaut hurtling in from space – who knows, but your little one is going to have so much fun working it out as they play with that open-ended toy…

By Qtoys (our supplier of our fabulous range)


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