Lighting can transform a space and how you feel

Lighting can transform a space and how you feel

A room with lighting is like feeling you are not dressed without earrings - lighting is the jewellery that can completely set off a room and transform it to something that is flat to lively. Some studies have shown that brighter light can intensify emotions, while low mood lighting doesn't remove emotions, but keeps them cool is that!

Lighting can transform a space and how you feel

We make more rational decisions in low light! I am sold! But we need to get the lighting right.

Scale is one of the most important things to get right when styling a room with a floor light or table lamp. A light does little to layer a room if the table lamp is too small and just hides or the sofa overshadows its beauty.

Bigger is better when it comes to lighting so it makes a statement. To create a mood a room needs to have layered light - just one source of light is never enough to create a moody, calm and beautiful space. For an intimate space at night, dim the lights when you ready to relax with a cup of tea or a wine.

Light bulbs: avoid globes that throw a yellow tone to the room - while its tempting to reach for the warm light globes head for the white light and to get that dim effect simply go for a lower wattage.

Lighting Dilemma Help from Tamara Day | Kichler Lighting

Lighting is so much fun and a great way to express your personality in your space, so have fun with it!



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