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Inspirational elegant dollhouse renovation and styling ideas with Dreamy Kidz Craft Works Victorian Dollhouses

Whether you or little one love all things miniature our Craft Works handmade dollhouses are forever popular. Superbly elegant, wonderfully strong and made in Melbourne Australia (flat rate shipping Australia Wide - $9.95). 

Dreamy Kidz has been stocking our dollhouses for many years and we are super proud to be a retailer for Craft Works. doll house

Painting and decorating gorgeous doll houses for our kids often remind us of our own childhood - recreating our own dollhouses as kids or even replicating our own grown up houses - decorating seems to spark that childhood whimsy and there is nothing better than seeing the faces of our little ones when they explore their new house. elegant victorian doll 

Inspiration of our elegant Victorian doll houses come from our lovely customers

Our customers are often our best inspiration and given Craft Works houses come raw you have the perfect pallet to create a colour scheme to match your décor or little kiddo's bedroom or playroom.

Our customers have shared with us their gorgeous creations and colour palette to inspire you to create your own whimsical dollhouse.

Dreamy Kidz - Craft Works - Le Royale Grange Dollhouse 

Stunningly elegant Victorian inspired Le Royale Grange Dollhouse by our lovely customer Kalie (@through.this.mums.eyes) who cleverly replicated their own grown up house. Kalie is also a wonderful photographer!

House | Dulux Diesku  - aqua enamel
Roof and shutters | Dulux Basalt - aqua enamel

 Inspirational elegant dollhouse renovation and styling ideas

Inspirational elegant dollhouse renovation and styling ideas

Inspirational elegant dollhouse renovation and styling ideas

Dreamy Kidz - Craft Works - Eliza Dollhouse 

Beautiful Craft Works Eliza Dollhouse by our clever customer Dina from @hiddenperspectivedesign.

Walls and floors | Dulux Antique White USA - aqua enamel
Trim | White - aqua enamel
Roof and shutters | Dulux Black – aqua enamel

Inspirational elegant dollhouse renovation and styling ideas

 A bit about our fabulous makers: Craft Works

Craft Works Doll Houses is an Australian owned company that manufactures high quality 1:12 scale kits/ready built doll houses and components.

In keeping with much of Australia's distinctive architecture, some of the dollhouses feature what we believe to be a globally unique miniature scale combination of weatherboard with corrugated iron and bullnose verandah.

With the help of the latest Computer Aided Machinery, Craft Works are able to build to the highest quality, dollhouses.

The dollhouses are constructed from Medium Density Fibreboard and feature polystyrene working sash windows and finely detailed balustrading.


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