Benefits of Washable Rugs for the whole family

Benefits of Washable Rugs for the whole family

Parenting doesn’t get more real than when your baby or toddler either poops, spills food or vomits on your fave rug!

Who knew you could get washable rugs in Australia! Yep…crazy huh. Your day just got brighter! And cleaner...

Benefits of Washable Rugs for the whole family

As a Mum of three kiddos – 4 and 8-year-old hoomans and 1 fluffy ball my memory of projectile vomits and poonami’s is still very real. Not to mention my little 8-year-old has terrible allergies to anything remotely fluffy (not our dog thankfully his coat is similar to that of hooman hair). Tossing a rug in the washing machine and better still the dryer afterwards made my day, year, life so much we just had to include them in our store. I may or may not have one in every room of our house….

Could a washable rug be the answer to life’s messes? Absolutely…If my son’s room was tidy, I would snap a pic of our gorgeous monstera rug in natural…but I will leave that for another day.

Lorena Canals rugs are made from natural cotton and nontoxic dyes…perfect for us mums who love to go natural.

Discover our collection of handcrafted upcycled rugs, in natural undyed cotton and a base canvas made from shredded, spun and recycled cotton rug scraps. With this we give a second life to our textile waste, achieving the goal of zero waste.

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