3 Ways To Style A Child’s Bedroom so it lasts from Baby to Pre-Teen

3 Ways To Style A Child’s Bedroom so it lasts from Baby to Pre-Teen

Kids bedrooms are one of the hardest and painstaking rooms to design and style. Kids grow incredibly fast and before we know it they have grown from baby to toddler and we want to switch the room up - especially when the new "big kid" bed arrives.

So whether you are designing and styling your child's bedroom in your forever home or are only staying for a short term its tempting to make it really baby baby however from experience that stage is so short lived - we may turn the space into a spare room later or even more drastic decide to sell and now we are left with a room that can only be presented as a babies space.

What's the secret? Keep the basics neutral and play with soft furnishings.

1. Neutral backgrounds

Spaces change over time and so does our taste and what's in style. Keep the walls neutral - light and bright. Designate one wall as a feature wall. One wall can be easily changed as your child grows.

Once you have a pre-teen involve them in the process. Its great for them to be involved and its something you can do together and only one wall is "theirs".

3 Ways To Style A Child’s Bedroom so it lasts from Baby to

2. Adding character with soft furnishings

Layering soft furnishings - cushions, lighting and rugs can completely transform a room on a limited budget.

Selecting furniture that lasts as your child grows is a sure winner. Ensure the furniture can be multipurposed. By this we mean ditch the change table for a dresser and a change pad. Change pad covers are super reasonable in price and can be changed easily.

Bassinettes although gorgeous can be expensive. Lots of mums opt for a cot and do away with the bassinette. Little bubs are in them for such a short time.

3. Linen

Linen could not be anymore versatile. Whether you love the vintage look, florals, geometrics or feminine or neutrals, linen is THE easiest way to change up a space.


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