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Microwavable Stuffed Animals & Bed Warmers for kids | Warmies Microwavable Heat Pack or Cold Pack by Warmies®

Whether you want to help ease the pain of baby colic, reduce the swelling of everyday bumps, bruises and bug bites, cool the bed for a feverish child, or just give your child a warm heatable plush to cuddle with, Dreamy Kidz now stocks the cutest range of soft, cozy and colourful microwavable bedwarmer pals for children. Available on Afterpay.

Our cute animal bedwarmers are perfect for those warmer months too - pop them in the freezer.

Warmies® Microwave Bed Warmers: are manufactured from a selection of different microsafe materials. Filled with natural grain (millet) and scented with natural lavender, simply warm in a microwave for up to two minutes to provide hours of soothing warmth.  They can also be placed in the freezer to be used as an ice-pack for sprains, bruising, swelling etc...

Warmies® products have been designed and developed in England utilising over 10 years experience in manufacturing microwavable heat packs.

Choose from our cute animal pals:

  • Dumbo, the Elephant
  • Sid, the Sloth
  • Billie, the Cream Puppy
  • Casper, the Blue Dragon
  • Ash, the Puppy
  • Rebecca, the Rabbit
  • Sam, the Seal
  • Danny, the Brown Puppy
  • Happy, the Cow
  • Chloe, the Sparkly Pink Unicorn
  • Wooly, the Sheep
  • Kai, the Koala
  • Rainbow, the Rainbow Unicorn
  • Dino, the Green Dinosaur
  • Felix, the Cat
  • Roxy, the Fox
  • Aldo, the Monkey
Microwavable Stuffed Animals & Bed Warmers for kids | Microwavable Stuffed Animals & Bed Warmers for kids |
Microwavable Stuffed Animals & Bed Warmers for kids | Microwavable Stuffed Animals & Bed Warmers for kids |


Frequently asked questions about our microwavable bedwarmers and cold packs for kids

1. What is my Microwavable Bedwarmer made from ?
Warmies® microwavable bedwarmers are all made from microwave safe, flame resistant fabric. The filling consists of microwave safe polyfill with grains & dried lavender. All materials have been specially designed to be heated in a microwave.

2. What fragrances are Microwavable Bedwarmers available in ?
We use only 100% natural dried lavender flowers in all our products. The lavender fragrance will fade over time. This can be refreshed by adding a couple of drops of Pure Essential Oil. It is important to use only “Pure Essential Oil” as the cheaper “Fragranced Oils” will leave an oily mark on your microwavable bedwarmer.

3. How should I heat my Microwavable Bedwarmer ?
Warmies® microwavable bedwarmers are designed to be heated in a microwave oven only.

NEVER try to heat your microwavable bedwarmer in a conventional oven. For best results place the bear in the microwave for a maximum of two minutes on high (based on 800 watt oven).

4. Can I chill my Microwavable Bedwarmer ?
Absolutely! Simply pop your microwavable bedwarmer inside a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. You can then use your microwavable bedwarmer as a cold pack or to help cool your child on hot days.

5. How safe is my Microwavable Bedwarmer ?
Manufactured with extra strong seams, using microwave safe thread and fabrics, microwavable bedwarmers won’t spill or scald like a hot water bottle.
microwavable bedwarmers have been tested to the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO-8124.1 Part 1 "Safety Aspects related to mechanical and physical properties for ages 0 to 14 years".

Microwavable bedwarmers also conform to UK Standards BS-EN71/2/3, MDA and European CE standards and have been flammability and safety tested.

There are concerns about babies overheating and these should never be ignored.

Warmies® recommends following current advice in relation to SIDS. More Information may be found on the National SIDS Council of Australia Ltd web site

6. Why does my Microwavable Bedwarmer feel damp when heated ?
This is quite normal. It is due to the natural moisture content of the filling and will cease after the first few uses.

7. How can I wash my Microwavable Bedwarmer ?
The surface can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Your microwavable bedwarmer should never be immersed in water. The filling will be damaged if this happens.

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